Building Technology That Changes How We Do Things

Forequest embodies the spirit of our relentless pursuit to uncover the unknown and unlock the full potential of the future.


With “fore” representing the horizon that lies ahead and “quest” signifying our unyielding passion for discovery, the name stands as a testament to our commitment to forge new paths, overcome challenges, and transform the world through boundless exploration and ingenuity.


 Our vision is to be acknowledged as a pioneering force that establishes new human-centred paradigms, enabling all stakeholders to cultivate enhanced experiences, opportunities, and well-being collaboratively.


Empower humanity by building technology that redefines communication, interaction, and growth.


Our Products


Ray Tarantino

Founder & CEO

Luca Frontini

Co-Founder & CFO

Marco Cognetti



Amir Alamo


Hamid Yazdi


Hamza Jalal


Milad Barzegar Bafrouei


Angelica Rizaeva

Marketing & Sales

Daniel Highwood

Art Direction

Kaveh Haghighi

Kaveh Haghighi

Product Design

Ginevra Biagiotti

Back Office


Carlo Cozza

David Boyle

Francesco Cara

Simone Nicolosi

Want to Join Our Growing Team?

Looking for a rewarding, fast-paced, and exciting career? You’re in the right place! Working at Forequest is more than just a gig, it’s an experience. You’ll feel like you’re part of something bigger than just a company… because you are! Every member of our team is integral to revolutionizing how we do things.

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Discover the synergy of visionary ideas and experienced execution with Forequest. As we shape the future of software innovation, we offer you a unique opportunity to be part of this exciting journey. Curious? Find out how your investment can drive transformation and redefine the digital landscape as we work to change how we do things.

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